The Burn Book

This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of my life. Thank you Tina Fey for the inspiration on the title. Anyways here you can remember who certain people are and also read side stories I’ve thrown in to make them more real, since after all they are real people.

Check for updates periodically, but for now here’s a list of names alphabetically.


The Burn Book

A Comprehensive Encyclopedia


Alexander-Platinum blonde roommate during the Spring of ’12

Ann- Member of The Gang and life long best friend. Her father is a state patrolmen and her mother is…well she’s exciting. Every time I’m home I go over to Ann’s to play Settlers of Katan with her family. Ann is also Katie’s sister.

Axl- best friend in high school while I lived in Vegas


Belle-Mormon Mom and Todd’s mother.


Brazil- where I served my mission from 2010-2012

Brina Sherwin-childhood best friend who used to pick on me.

BYU-Idaho—Brigham Young University-Idaho, located in Rexburg, Idaho, the

university I attended.


Chris-Mormon Brother, third eldest in Todd’s family.

Christina-A popular Philipino girl in my Auto-Shop class sophomore year



Devotional (Devo)- A weekly meeting in which a speaker addresses the school about a certain, usually if not always, religious topic.

Dylan—1st Roommate from Sacramento


Elder Bednar- One of the 12 current Apostles in the LDS church.

Elder Dewey- 1/4 of the Zone Leaders I lived with in Maringa.

Elder Fields—First companion in Maringa

Elder Hall- Companions with Elder Yarb. He taught me about the church and was transferred to another area literally the day before I was baptized.

Elder Levitt- 2/4 of the Zone Leaders I lived with in Maringa.

Elder Yarb- Companions with Elder Hall, he baptized me into the LDS church.

Eva Wolfe Elementary


Frank—2/6 members of The Gang. He’s quiet and has a hard time articulating himself, but that’s what makes everything that he does say all the more interesting.


Gang, The- the name I’ve given to my 6 best friends who are more like family than friends.

Garca- my second to last area in my mission. A small, rural town in Sao Paulo state in Brazil.

Gwen—My sister who lives in California. She’s my closest sibling and easily my closest friend.


Honor Code, The- An established code of conduct that every student of BYU, BYUI and BYUH have to sign and live by. While a good idea on paper, sadly it causes a lot of zealotry among the students as well as this Big Brother is watching scenario where students, especially roommates, police one another.



Jet- My brother closest in age. He’s the middle child and lives up to that reputation rather well. He’s crazy, impulsive and selfish on the outside and that’s what he’d like you think, but once you get to know him you come to understand that with Jet it’s all about family and friends.

Jo-Frank’s sister


Kalista- a girl I met at a sushi bar in Spokane after Family Home Evening one Monday.

Katie—Ann’s sister and my best friend during the Spring ’12 semester.

Kent—3/6 member of the Gang. He’s the adrenaline junky, the dreamer, and you know something bad is going to happen when the Gang thinks that whatever Kent has suggested is a good idea.

Kolob—Deep doctrinal planet thing that not only sounds crazy but has no real         significance to Mormonism

Kris—Katie’s friend from Birch 201.


LDS—Latter-Day Saint, ie: Mormon

Londrina—A city located in Parana Brazil; the headquarters of my mission

Lynn—Mormon Brother


Marie-4/6 member of the Gang. In high school she was the angry one. You don’t upset Marie. Just don’t. Now she’s the sweet, animal loving, ecofriendly girl.

Maringa—A city in Parana, Brazil an hour north of Londrina where I served for 6months.

Max-Brother and the youngest of us all and ironically the tallest. Quiet and to himself he doesn’t seem like he’d be much fun, but get Max around friends and family and he shines. He’s kind, loyal and extremely loving. He’s pretty much an enormous teddy bear.

Mission- a 2 year religious excursion for guys or 18 months for gals, where they preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to people not of the LDS faith. Not as easy as it sounds so be nice to missionaries even if you don’t want to get the “B” and by B I mean baptism.

Mission President—The man in charge of all the missionaries in a mission.

Mom- The most amazing person God has ever graced me with in this life…until I meet the love of my life. Sorry not sorry Mom.

Mormon Family—Todd’s family who adopted me during my conversion

Mrs. Perkins—My 3rd grade teacher who publicly humiliated me and did nothing to stop the excessive amounts of bullying that were taking place.




Parker—Homophobic roommate

President of BYU-Idaho, The—The man in charge of running the university

Prophet—The head of the Church of the LDS Church



Rae-5/6 member of the roommate and known as “The Canadian.” In high school her hair was short and always done in this obnoxious curly mess. We used to refer to her as well by the name of “Gerbil Queen,” due to how short she was. For as much as I joke about Rae, she’s seriously one of the best listeners I know. And while anyone nicknamed the “Gerbil Queen,” may not seem serious or wise, she really is.


Spokane, Washington—My “home” after we left Vegas.


Todd-6/6 member of the Gang. He’s more like a brother than a friend and he’s always been there for me. When I told Todd I was gay he didn’t even ask why I chose to be that way or even skip a beat. He’s always just been supportive, and is seriously the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Tom-Todd’s brother and second eldest in Todd’s family.

Trent-Roommate during the Spring.



Valate-Todd’s one and only sister. She also happens to be the youngest, but doesn’t quite have the bratty baby of the family attitude. Growing up with all brother’s she’s had to learn to get by…but I have to admit she kinda has a unique way about doing that…

Vegas—Where I lived for 16 years and grew up


Wendy-Life long best friend. Met in high school and it’s been love ever since. She’s my Latina. The one and only.




Zach—a guy in my sophomore year Auto class that would bring booze.


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