The stories found herein are real. The people are real people, and while some names have been changed to ensure the privacy of those mentioned, all else remains unchanged. These are the raw feelings of those in the LGBT community and some of what you read will have you laughing and some of what you read will have you crying.

We aren’t setting out on some sort of crusade against those who unknowingly or knowingly wrong us, but rather we’re voicing our stories in hopes that through them people will come to understand us. And ultimately we hope that people will feel more love and compassion for those who are different then themselves.

If you have a story you’d like to share send it to our e-mail: RexburgChronicles@gmail.com

Names will be changed upon review.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. juliathepoet says:

    So is the goal to have more authors at some point? I only see one author at this point. Is the goal to have current, or only former, BYU students involved? I have a few friends who might be interested in sharing some of the stories from their time there, but I wanted to understand a little more first. I’ve enjoyed checking out the blog so far.

    • Yes, the goal is to have as many people as would like write about their experiences here in Rexburg.I would say BYU-Provo, but the blog’s title is Rexburg Chronicles…so yeah.

      Anyways, the only reason the Keith story has been the only one on here is that we’re still waiting for people to understand that they can post here as well. But we’re not complaining, the Keith story has done a fine job of drawing in readers.

      You should ask your friends! Assuming they went to BYU-I/Ricks College.

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