Hi, I’m Keith, and this is what I look like:

My Blog Pic

Photo Credit: Daniel Flores 2013

I’m a poor kid paying for college by myself. So if you could help out by donating as much as you deem proper that’ll allow me to continue writing this blog.

Also, if you wish to add me on Facebook, please message me before hand so I can know why you’re adding me. I don’t tend to add people I don’t know.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I give you money?

Because blogging isn’t a hobby to me, it’s my line of work. Just as one would tip a street musician for his abilities one can “tip” a blogger. Good writing takes just as much talent and time in order to develop as it would for one to learn to masterfully play the cello. Yes, the cello is better than the guitar. If you agree you can tip me on that as well.

How does your story work?
The first thing you’ll need to understand is that I write in novel form. So yes, that means if you jump in at one post you’ll more than likely not understand what’s going on. You’ll have to start from the beginning and catch up.

Where can I find the other posts?

Go to the menu, under “Stories” hover the mouse on it and the other posts should appear. Now some entires will be divided into parts. You’ll see a little arrow on the right side of the entries that are in parts.

When do you update your blog?

I try to have a new post every Wednesday.

How can I get updates?

E-mail subscribe, follow the blog or like the Facebooke Page:

The Facebook Page

Who takes your pictures?

Lindsay Cyngot is one of my closest friends and she does amazing work. However she’s from “The Motherland,” ie: Canada.

Daniel Flores is also another amazing photographer here in the Rexburg area.

2 Responses to “Keith”
  1. Tawni England says:

    What semesters of BYU-I are you on? I am LDS and lesbian and am going to BYU in April. Love your site

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