Again if you are starting in on the story at this post you should start at the beginning. Here is the first post in the series: An Unexpected Conversation.

Also I added something called: The Burn Book. It’s an encyclopedia so if you read something you don’t recall hearing about you can check out what it is there and read up on it to jog your memory.


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Her name is Alyssa Lemmon and this is her album: Weightless EP.


Summer ‘07

Todd’s visit had been unexpected. I had been sitting in front of my TV playing a video game when he had burst in and told me I had to come with him to a birthday party.

Now I’m something of a video game nerd. I can’t say I’m a gamer, I don’t believe I’m hardcore enough, even though I do have a collection of rare JRPG’s which I’m very proud of, but I’ve kind of got this weakness for a good game. So of course I don’t wanna go to some corny high school birthday party.

But I’m a sucker for peer pressure.

“Whose party is this?” I asked as we walked up towards a blue two-story house built on a cliff side overlooking Long Lake.

“Her name is Jaimie,” Todd answered casually.

“Do I know her?” I said as I looked around at the goat pen to my left.

“No, she was an exchange student in Germany during the school year,” he said as we climbed up the steps and knocked on the door.

“Oh, Crystal’s Jaimie,” I nodded as I remembered all the information I could on this Jaimie.

A skinny girl with short reddish brown hair answered the door. “Todd!” she exclaimed in surprise. “And?” she now turned to look at me.

“This is my friend, Keith,” Todd responded.

“So this is the infamous, Keith,” she said with a crooked smile. “Come on in I’m showing everyone my snake.”

“You have a snake?” I asked both impressed and shocked.

“Tch’yeah, snakes are the best,” she said simply.

The party wasn’t some jumpin deal with music and booze. The most exotic thing at this gathering was the snake, and he just chilled in his tank. It was just a simple get together of close friends, with the exception of myself, and we mostly just talked and listened to our birthday hostess tell the tales of her adventures in Germany.

Near the end Jaimie and I ended up in the kitchen snacking on bits of left over food.

“Was it weird to come to a birthday party for a girl you didn’t know?” She asked popping a grape into her mouth.

I finished chewing a piece of cookie. “Eh,” I shrugged. “It was a little weird at first.”

She smiled and grabbed up a paper plate with a slice of cake.

“But at least the food was good right?” I added.

“Is that why you came? For the food?” She chuckled as she took a bite.

I shrugged and took a bite of cookie. “I gress sow.”

We both started to laugh.

“Hey my mom needs me back,” Todd said as he walked in on our laughter. “Oh? Am I interrupting something?”

“Psh. Todd you’re always just bargin’ in on people and ruinin’ everything,” Jaimie teased.

“Sorry…What can I say I’m a party pooper. Like, I poop at parties.”

“Appetite destroyed,” I said as I got up from the chair.

“Right. Like that’s possible,” Todd responded matter-of-factly. “Once a fatty always a fatty,” he teased.

“Well then, I guess I take one for the road,” I turned and grabbed another cookie.

“Thanks for havin’ us sexy beasts over to your party,” Todd continued.

“Sexy beasts?” Jaimie repeated.

“Thanks for having me at your party,” he corrected.

“Yeah, thanks for having him,” I added. “his warped perception on reality makes it hard for him to make friends.”

“Oh, no problem. We should definitely do this more this summer.”

“Deal,” I agreed.

“Yeah,” Todd nodded. “call me,” he said making his fingers into a phone and putting them up to his ear and mouth.

And with that we left the party.


Spring ‘12

It had been a few days since Kal and I had taken our evening stroll through campus. I sat at my kitchen table in the sterile white walls of my apartment eating my millionth cup of noodles.

Trent, my tall roommate, was sprawled out on the couch asleep while NCIS played on the TV. Dylan was out at his girlfriend’s for the night like usual and wouldn’t be home till curfew at midnight. Alexander was who knows where, Parker was back in his and Trent’s room, and Wally was boiling more eggs as he walked around the house smelling an orange peel and muttering comments to himself.

I looked at my metallic blue phone just next to my cup of noodles. I thought about the walk the other night. It had been nice, but I didn’t know if I should be trying to get with someone who I wasn’t attracted to. The conflict had consumed my mind most of the day.

Girls aren’t objects to be won and I didn’t want to objectify a friend in order to fit into the norm. It wasn’t fair to her. I was being selfish.

I took another slurp of soup when my phone lit up with Kal’s name. I slid the phone open and read the message.

“Hey, I really liked our walk the other night. Thanks for talking. We should hangout again maybe watch a movie and make some rice crispies. What do you think?”

I smiled and texted back.: “Yeah! That sounds like fun, when would you wanna do that?”

What are you doing Keith? You’re GAY. Don’t lead this girl on a road to nowhere. I thought to myself as I sat back and looked at the words: “Message Sent.”

Seconds later the phone lit up again and I opened the text.

“Friday work for you?”

I smiled and typed back: “Yep!”

It wasn’t fair to her, but it wasn’t fair for me either. I hadn’t asked for these expectations to be placed upon my shoulders. I thought about everyone I could lose and everything that could be destroyed by this one thing. It wasn’t fair and I was being selfish, but if this was what it took to save my relationships with the people I cared about most then I’d figure out a way to make it work.


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